January 29, 2015

Poll results in GOP primary for Governor

By Lowell Reese
Kentucky Roll Call
Jan. 29, 2015

Remington Research Group, a Kansas City, Missouri political polling firm, released this morning the results of a poll it conducted January 27-28 of the candidates for governor in the Kentucky in the GOP primary election. Remington is a rather new polling firm. It has been in the field in two election cycles, about a year and half. It does national polling in Republican races, and is not affiliated with any candidate, Titus Bond of the firm told us.

Here are the results of Remington’s survey of 1066 registered Republicans who are “likely” to vote in the May 19 GOP primary. The margin of error is ± 2.98%.

Q: The candidates in the Republican primary election for Governor are James Comer, Matt Bevin, Hal Heiner and Will T. Scott. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?

James Comer    22%
Matt Bevin       19%
Hal Heiner       18%
Will T. Scott      5%
Undecided       35%

Q: What is your opinion of James Comer?

Favorable        31%
Unfavorable      9%
No opinion      60%

Q: What is your opinion of Matt Bevin?

Favorable        30%
Unfavorable    17%
No opinion      52%

Q: What is your opinion of Hal Heiner?

Favorable        33%
Unfavorable    10%
No opinion      58%

What is your opinion of Will T. Scott?

Favorable        12%
Unfavorable    11%
No opinion      77%

The poll was conducted by automated phone calls. The calls began at 7:00 pm Tuesday, after the filing deadline, and continued Wednesday afternoon and evening. Respondents were screened to determine their likelihood to vote in the primary and 35 percent were rejected on that basis.

A combination of the favorable and unfavorable numbers is an approximation of the candidate’s name ID. 

Information about Remington Research Group is at www.remingtonresearchgroup.com