January 23, 2014

Oh! Kentucky Tea Party folks nix outside guru

The following press release came in e-mail this afternoon from Scott Hofstra, spokesman for The United Kentucky Tea Party. — Lowell Reese

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post published an article in which they erroneously quoted Mr. Greg Fettig as a leader of "The Unbridled Liberty Tour" in Kentucky. In order to correct the erroneous information published by the Huffington post, we need to make you aware that The United Kentucky Tea Party owns and operates "The Unbridled Liberty Tour.”

Mr. Fettig was consulted on strategy due to his successful efforts in Indiana.  He is not a leader or organizer of the Unbridled Liberty Tour and he will not be participating in organizing the grassroots efforts in Kentucky.

Please direct all further inquiries to Scott Hofstra, the Spokesman of The United Kentucky Tea Party. #